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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.4.8 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Feature Request

Correct anatomical placement of joints

Submitted by:eallin eallin
Hi, as mentioned above it would be good if the anatomy of your rig would be "so called" correct. 1. the head joint is placed in incorrect position. 2. Eye structure is useless because it doesn't scale with head. 3. Animators are missing so called palm bone on hands. Even it was incorrectly solved in Rapid Rig Advanced it was much better then in Modular version. I would rather see there four base finger joints which allow animator to correcly wide open the palm. It is correct anatomical feature of human hand. 4. Limb twist corrective joints. It needs to be implemented in shoulder and forearm area(sometimes it is really crutial in thigh area aswell). But not just with simple connections. It really needs twist(rotateX) division on each twist joint(if you don't plan to have custom count[1-3] of them so in case of just one of it you need half of its parent join rotation for propper deformation). 5. do not use lockNode on whole strucke please. And do not set unnecessary animation channels as a nonkeyable(many of them are just just hidden so animator is able to key it and make rig disfuncional on many parts, espetially joints bount to skinCluster)Your rig is good but not usable as final solution for us so we really need to customize it heavilly. We are using many features on top of whole structure and we need it to implement it so we have to unlock nodes, channels, move these channels back to connectible state, etc. ... 6. you have incorrect orientation/rotation on many joints. For example eye joints. It is very tiresome to correct all these things. Thank you very much, Josef

Comments on this feature request:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 8 years ago:

    I will try to respond to your feedback as best I can: "Anatomically correct" is difficult as the anatomy of a human being, for example, can be quite varied between males, females, adults and children. Also, the preset is for a bi-ped which could also include apes, aliens, and all manner of stylized and cartoony characters. Because of this, the default positions are somewhat static and merely designed as a starting point for the user to conform to their desire. Once you have your proxies set up in a way you feel is more to your liking, you can use the "Save Transforms" and "Save Setup" to always start from for your future rigs. 1. The location of all the joints will rarely fit any character because of the vast variance of proportions, so it is up to the user to fit them to their character. Including the head. 2. You are correct, the eyes do not scale with the head. This is consistent throughout the rig. Scale is somewhat independent for each module, and does not flow down the hierarchy. It is also quite a difficult problem to solve because sometimes it is desirable to have the scale carry down the chain and sometimes not. Scale can also cause shearing in a lot of cases. It is something I am actively working on but it has proven to be a challenge. 3. Again, this is the default preset. Typically you don't need an end joint so the number of joints on the FK chains is probably the right number for you. Just move the first proxies so you have them in the palms. Alternatively, if you like having an end joint, you can easily increase the number of joints in the FK chains by editing FK chains from the "Edit Modules" tab. To say it is a "correct anatomical feature" is incorrect, as there are several more joints in the hand than you describe, but having every bone represented in the rig is likely overkill. Same can be said for several more joints in the palm for users who are creating simple or game rigs. The presets are just a starting point to give the simplest starting point. From there you can modify and add to them as much or as little as you need. 4. There are twist joints in the limbs. These are the "Upper Roll Joints" and "Lower Roll Joints" in the arm and leg module options. It has distributed twist when using any number between the range of 1-4. If you have one roll joint, it gets 50% of the rotation from each end (ie. elbow and wrist/shoulder and elbow). 5. I am not sure what you mean by strucke, but the lockNode is on the proxy nodes so users do not delete nodes that could prevent the final generated rig from building correctly or at all because of all the dependencies. If there is a proxy you do not want, use the "Delete Selected Module and Branches" option, or use the "Edit Modules" tab to modify the proxies. What are some of the channels that are hidden yet keyable? This should not be the case, and is a bug. If you can let me know, I will fix this. The reason why the channels are locked and hidden is because having them animated can break the rig. I try to only lock the channels that could create issues. However if you are finding you need to unlock a lot of channels, I have another script available for free on Creative Crash that makes it quick and painless to unlock and unhide channels on the selected nodes: 6. Orientation/rotation is not incorrect so much as it is not to your preference. Throughout the rig, I have made it so x is the twist axis. This is also true for the eyes. Depending on the direction you choose to build the eyes the secondary axis might be different. I apologize if not everything in the rig is to your specific liking, but I try to accommodate to everyone so it is obviously not the perfect solution for all productions. I am always trying to improve it though, so letting me know what channels can be keyed and what you think would be a more ideal way to orient joints like the eyes rather than just stating it is incorrect would be most helpful. Cheers, -Dustin
  • eallin

    eallin said over 8 years ago:

    Hi Dustin, thanks for soon response. 1. By this I mean topJoint. There is no bind joint for the head. 2. I think it can be solved with direct workaround. Just make eye module part of the head and then maybe(it is up to you if decide so) you can let user to create the eye modules as independent module connectable to whole rig system. 3. I meant ossa metacarpalis by that. Of course if it is possible to make it "manually" with changing count of fk joints in each chain let it be. 4. Ok. Never mind that. I forgot to loot at this feature. My apology. 5. struckle = structure. I am sorry for this. I wrote it very quickly. Theseunlocked channels are causing problems with keying them unwanted just by hitting "s" key. Just last thing I am fighting each time is automated rotation of proxy elbow/knee with aiming it. Sometimes(not so oftenly) it is neccessary to rig not so good model without replacing "visual" position of joints so we need to place these two joints to unpredictable areas with keeping wrist and ankle joints on places and they are causing problems with initial orientation of knee/elbow. Is it possible to make up some kind of "twist offset" for these joints? Thanks, Josef.

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