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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.4.8 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Feature Request

Face modules

Submitted by:Scorpion_laz Scorpion_laz
Hello, Dustin! Hello, friends! Probably this suggestion is for another script but it has to do with modular rigging system. There is an other system named PKD-rig which contains modules for face rigging. The module appears to be simple but I could only imagine what author had to do to defeat annoying double transformations and cycle errors. The face controllers attach to a surface and move along with it. This type of controls is especially great for face rigs that combine blendshapes and bones. It would be wonderful to develop this idea further and include it in RRM (probably as a special addition). This tool might save a lot of time.

Comments on this feature request:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 10 years ago:

    Yes, I do want to create a facial rig. I am hoping to start developing it over the summer if I can find the time. I will check out the system you mentioned, there are always great things around to draw inspiration from. Thanks! -Dustin
  • Scorpion_laz

    Scorpion_laz said about 10 years ago:

    That would be great. Just an idea: what about a little promo-action? Like “Preorder the ‘Rapid Face Rig’ and get the unique blendshape controller”. You know, some game publishers include more stuff in a preorder version. Personally, I’d buy the special edition.
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 9 years ago:

    I have started the early stages of development. It's still several months away though. I just don't have the free time to dedicate to it. Slowly but surely I'll get there. -Dustin
  • Scorpion_laz

    Scorpion_laz said about 9 years ago:

    Hi Dustin! Are there any updates concerning face modules? I’ve just checked: “The Face Machine” costs $200, it’s version dependent and a user needs to install special nodes on all computers in order to render the scene. RRM totally outperforms that product. Personally I’ll gladly buy a new version of RRM with facial modules. That system would be especially beneficial for small studios.

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