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mapy 2.5.6

New Python and MEL Script Editing System For Maya.

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Last Modified:07/11/2009
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mapy 2.5.6
Your Scripting Turn

Linux Screenshot:

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  • Supports MEL and Python commands.
  • If you select some lines in any editor, mapy only executes your selected lines automaticly, Exactly like maya script editor.
  • Supports command output from maya to any program like Visual Studio, Crimson Editor, SciTE, PsPad, Notepad ++, Textpad , ultraedit , emacs, ...
  • Mapy looks to your script, based on the extension of your file, it sends python or MEL commands to maya. So for python mode you should use only maya 8.5 and 2008.
  • Now you can choose your own port number with -pn .
  • Now port selection process is  automatic.
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  • Installation:
  • Add your mapy installation folder to path environment.
  • Based on your favorite editor, read one of the folowing tutorials:

  • See main website for more information.
  • Farsheed Ashouri

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