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mapy 2.5.6

New Python and MEL Script Editing System For Maya.

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Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:07/11/2009
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Version History

V1.0: Only supports python
V1.1.2: Now supports Mel. based on the extension of file, sends mel or python commands.
V1.1.3: A little bug fixed with if loops.
v1.1.4: Added support for command output from maya.
v1.1.5: A little bug fixed.
v1.1.6: New command line options
v1.1.7: cleaner output. More powerful construct.
v1.1.8: A bug fixed.
v1.1.9: A bug fixed.
v1.2.0: Problem with comments solved.
v1.2.1:Great changes in mapy. Added selection text send in any editor. All command line options removed.
v1.2.2:Improved speed, some bugs fixed.First stable version
v1.3.0:First release candidate Version
V1.3.1:Linux version added.
V1.3.5:Add custom command port support

v1.4.0: A little bug fixed in Linux and windows.

v1.4.1: A bug in sending python commands fixed only for windows.

v1.5.0: Many bugs for python mode have been fixed now.

V1.5.1:Some bugs with Mel output and Python script sending and encoding fixed.

V1.6.2: Now mapy is very stable.

V1.6.4: First complete and Final version.

V2.1.1: Port selection is automatic and many fixes.

v2.1.6: Very cleaner code, Cleaner output, some bug fixes.

v2.5.2: Add threading support

v2.5.6: Little fixes