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MEL LISTER++ 1.5.1 for Maya (maya script)

You using MEL Scripts? Then you need this...!

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Last Modified:08/12/2007
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15-4-2007 :: 27-4-2007

13 (Sun) May 2007 - 08:00:29 AM

MEL LISTER++ was developed from the key idea of MEL LISTER by Jeremiah Grant. He has developed a tool to List all files present in a specific folder and one can view/edit/save those files. He added a feature to show description about the scripts (popping up first 6 lines of all script). I took that script and did various modifications. And added following features like...

*Automatic Script Sourcing...
*Automatic Script Executing (If the script is prepared to execute automatically on sourcing)...
*Switching to the any script folders are made easy to navigate...
*You can copy/paste the folder path and load them easily...
*Easily switch to the your favorite script folders quickly(And even open them in explorer)...
*Listing the Executable Procedures present inside the script files...
*Navigate around the procedures easily by clicking on them (This makes it easy to see PROCEDURE arguments and return types)...
*Allowing to easily execute all the procedures, (Just double click, If there is no arguments needed)...
*Quick/Easily edit and save...
*Commands and Scripts can be typed directly into the Editor window and it can be sourced or executed easily...
*You can easily put your scripts to your Shelf...
*Randomly, ICONs are chosen when you place your scripts to Shelf(Skipping those old gray n black MEL icon)...
*Both Script AND execution command can be placed on to the Shelf...
*You can drag drop various scripts and commands from your Shelf, And add random icon to them and place them back to the Shelf....
*Find/Find Next and Find Previous supports searching...
*External Editor can be invoked optionally for more flexible editing...
*Help line provide support for your most actions...

I thought of developing a script that will perform most operations like done in MEL STUDIO.
As MEL LISTER++ comes as a script and not an API, it can be used for any version of maya.
I hope, I have achieved (VERY) few of MEL STUDIOS feature.
Soon I will try to add more features to this.

I humbly request your support!

How to Install MEL LISTER++ ...

* Copy the content of entire script and paste it into the maya's script editor window......!
* Then, Drag those entire script(Currently pasted) from the script editor to the Shelf.
* Now Click the shelf ICON and enjoy.

How to Use MEL LISTER++ ...

- Use "..." button to browse a folder and select a MEL file. You will be listed with all files in that directory.
- Click select the file from the list this will load the file for editing.
- Double click will SOURCE that file and load that file for editing.
- List of Procedures it contains will be listed in a list box below.
- Click them to move your editing cursor to procedure's declaration part. So that you can see ARGUMENTS and RETURN Type.
- This will also copy the procedure name to separate text box so that you can add your arguments. You can even drag the command from here to your shelf.
- Double click any of the procedure name from the list to execute them (If it doesn't need any arguments)

- Right click the above address bar to have quick list of favorite folders to quick navigate.

- Move your scripts or execution commands to shelf with random icon. if needed.

- You can drag your commands and scripts from shelf to Mel lister++ editing area and send them back to shelf with random icon.

- You can clear the editing area and start writing your own script.
- Save them using "Save as..." and Source them using "source script" button.
- If it has no procedure your script will be executed automatically.
- else drag the procedure name to executer text box and click "ExecuteProc" button.

Known Bugs...
*Attempting to load this (MEL LISTER++) script into the MEL LISTER++ might cause some errors.

I will try to remove the above said bugs in my next version.

Updated features...

Update v1.0.2 - 01.05.2007

*UI size can be extended.
*Dialog that pops out after Xternal editing is removed and now MEL LISTER PLUS automatically reloads the file.
*Warning pops out for saving the file if its modified and didn't save.

Update v1.5.0 - 13 (Sun) May 2007 - 06:48:28 AM

*Browse and Navigate folders easily.
*Source all files in a folder.
*Copy a script file to your maya default script folder.
*Copy all script file from current folder to maya default script folder.

click for larger version

Script by
Jeremiah Grant

Special Thanks to
Bryan Ewert
Erick Miller

15-4-2007 :: 27-4-2007

Last Update

13 (Sun) May 2007 - 08:14:49 AM


Chennai - India

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