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matchTRS (Trans Rot Scale) 0.0.8 for Maya (maya script)

Copy and Match World/Local Space TRS, single frame and timeline, fast&efficient

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016

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Last Modified:07/26/2019
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maya, animation, QT, pyside

MatchTrs, is an animation script tool for Maya.


It is compatible with maya 2016/2017/2018+, using it on maya2017+ gives you the ability to dock the matchTrs window anywhere you like. ( thank you to maya 2017+ new ui features, by default the script ui runs under your channelBox, then you can dock it where you prefer )

matchTrs is a useful tool for any animator that wants to be efficient:

-You can Copy and Paste transform informations from memory, in world and local space , over time and also on multiple objects.

(eg: useful to lock sliding feet on your characters without using constraints )

-Also you can Snap one or more objects to another on single frame or over time (world space baking).

Is optimized (fast!) and animation friendly, in maya 2017+ can also be docked to any maya tab.

(how to videos coming soon)

to install :

download and unzip the file inside your

...../user /maya/script/ directory.


so your folder should look like this:


once you have done so , to run the script open the scriptEditor and inside a python tab, execute :


from animTools.matchTrs import matchTrs


In addition, you can drag and drop the above text onto any shelf.(recommended!)



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