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These python definitions mirror Set Driven Keys from one setup to another.

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set, driven, SDK

Handles SDK copying from one object to another/others. Can be selection based or argument based. An extensive doc file is available, just check out the copySDK.__doc__ string.

Currently it handles both driver and driven-centric modes. It handles many neat functions such as mirror-flipping attribute values, search and replace functions for target names, as well as some regex and other specialized driver-search options. You may also specify which attributes in particular you wish to copy keys for, by default it searches for all SDK's on a given node's keyable attributes.

If you choose to transfer keys via selection, the first selected object is always the source node. All the other nodes will get the set driven keyframe setup. In driven mode, by default all objects will share the same driver, the search and replace variables determine whether you want to use a different driver. In driver mode, search and replace must be declared to find driven objects corresponding to the targets.

Default procedure is:

import copySDK


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