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TTools - Pro - Professional Tools 7.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

TTools is a collection of scripts for Maya. They are utilized by professionals across the game, film, architecture, automotive, and industrial design industries.

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Version History

TTools for Maya
Release Notes and Overview


    Python2.7/3.7 Compatibility
    Maya 2022 Compatibility


    Created repair module for remote user assistance.
    Fixed a bug in the installer: "TTools_Unistall.log not found!"
    Added functionality for inverted soft selection application.
    Added functionality for applying different color channels.


    Fixed a bug with the updater that was causing an invalid zipfile error



    Fixed a bug in installation/update that caused the TTools shelf to not get properly updated to latest.
-Added shelf button for opening a command port to MayaCharm
    Fixed a bug where the script would fail on instanced objects.

Refactor build process to python module from multiple cmd scripts.
Refactor local python directory to tt_python to avoid conflicts in sys path.

Major installation/uninstallation refactor
Uninstall functions now wrapped in macro so that functions can be shared across install/uninstall.
Licensee passthrough refactored.
GenUninstallLog now kicked off on build startup.
Version check supports custom RavenFL Version.html for pushing updates independent of global release.
VersionInfo refactored to class object.
Fixes for 4k monitor UI scaling issues with TT_Polytools and TT_UVMaster
-TT_addSets - REMOVED
Deprecated due to fatal exception in most current versions of Maya. Related to the refreshing/recall of the UI.

Moderate refactor of uninstaller.
Remove previous installations during update.
Purge check against shelf_TTools.mel instead of DUPExtract
SetOutpath switched from defined object, ${SetOutPath}, to standard call so they don't write unnecessarily to uninstall log.
Refactored all operating systems to use .pngs instead of .bmps. Updates to shelf and PivotMaster.

Shelf deployment refactor.
MAYA_SHELF_PATH set in WIN installer.
Module shelves path appended in .mod
Fallback copy method for OSX Maya versions prior to 2018 and/or exceptions.
Windows versions now allows user to customize the TTools shelf. *Updates will overwrite user changes*
Refactor zip build module.
Added genUninstallLog module.

Shelf path is now included in the .mod file instead of using the copy method.
Licensee pass through.

Fixed a problem with icons. Png's were being internally compressed as .jpeg.

Switched OSX icons to .png
Converted shelf and pivotmaster to utilize .pngs.
Fixed OSX path joining problems in usersetup.
Fixed the unterminated string error due to OSX now allowing backslash line continuations.
Fixed the UnwrapHardEdges button referencing the old .mel version.
Fixed UVStraight button which was also referencing and old script version.

Cleaned up installer to reduce confusion.
Some users thought they had to run the .exe twice in order to uninstall a previous version and install an update.
The installer now performs both actions silently and sequentially without prompting the user for input.
Fixed variable redeclaration warning.
Fixed bug for invalid flag -rr on older versions of Maya.
Fixed a bug with deletion of the UI when run multiple times in a row.


Added ObjectsToOrigin button.
Fixed UI - Window now retains user pref position.

Fixed a bug where multiple paths in MAYA_SHELF_PATH would cause the TTools shelf to fail to load.
Fixed licensing for RavenFL.
Improved licensing to catch edge cases.
Fixed a bug for Invalid flag -lt on older versions of Maya.
Fixed a bug where modifying divisions would result in corrupt geo.



::Major modifications to installation, uninstallation, and deployment.
::A single installation of TTools now propagates to all installed versions of Maya.
::All old TTools files are purged to mitigate any potential conflicts with old uninstalled versions.

::Integration of version notes to TT_VersionInfo via launch button to web file.
::TT_UnwrapByHardEdges python version. Rewrite of the code from MEL to python. Circumvents BonusTools script which is no longer supported by Autodesk.
::TT_MirrorPivot defaults to duplication method.


::Improved update process to automatically kick off installer after downloading.


::Integration from laptop to desktop.
::Reconfiguration of Builder processes to handle whitespace in "My Documents" versus "Documents"
::Bug fix for uninstaller introduced by repathing of log in
::RavenFL - Implemented "catch" if latest installer does not exist on the network.

::Improved License stability.
::Better event handling in the case of a license error.
::Fixed OSX license authentication bug.

::Version updater triggered on startup scene load instead of idle for faster authentication.

::Version number integration to module.
::Pushed bootstrap to module and removed integration of TTools from personal userSetup files.
::Fixes userSetup files for users who installed
::Version updater delayed until Maya idle before execution. Fixes PyQt Fatal Assert if user attempts to move GUI prior to full Maya initialization.
::NSIS modules added to Source Backup.
::Better message dialogue during uninstallation to alleviate confusion.
::Robocopy Sync batch file consolidation.
::Zip file authentication bypassed.


::Multiple bux fixes and compatibility for Maya 2017.

::Bug Fix. Addressed duplicate named object error.

::Bug Fix. Previous history deletion bug fix introduced a bug if there were identally named objects in the scene (in different groups).
::Bug Fix. Object history was creating unexpected results if the history was extensive.
::Compatibility fix for Maya 2017. Fixed duplicate variable declaration warnings.
::Removed _DUP naming method in favor of letting maya handle renaming.

::UI Overhaul and speed improvement.

::Maya 2017 Compatibility support.

::Implementation of version control and upgrade system. TTools will now automatically check for the latest version online and prompt the user to download and install.
::Maya 2017 Compatibility support.
::Improved installer and now comes with Uninstaller.
::License key permutation.
::Fixed Registry entries for installers on Win64&32 systems.


Build 5.0
::Integration of Uninstaller and Registry Keys

Build 4.9
::Supports all color channels
::Select by color within threshold
::Relative color shifting

::Add/remove prefixes or suffixes
::Recursively name through hierarchy
::Numerical and alphanumeric extension counters

Build 4.8