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Pivot Changer 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

This is a tool to quickly change pivot of an object according to its bounding box. Also to save specific points for later use.

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:06/16/2012
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This scripts gets the values of bounding box information of an object and makes you able to move its pivot point to that bounding box's specific points. (corners, min and max values in any exis).

1) The first frame in UI is for corners. Imagine you are looking in top view in maya; buttons refer to corners from top view. 

2) Second tab is for min max values of bounding box. 
CP = center pivot;
 WO = World orbit.

3) IF you select a vertex of THE OBJECT, you can move pivot to this vertex by clicking "Snap to this Vertex!" button. If you select multiple vertices, it will move the pivot to their average center.

4) You can also save current position of the pivot (World Space). Then you can go back to that position by clicking ">" next to the button you have assigned. there are 6 buttons, so you can save only 6 different positions for any object in THAT SCENE.

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