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Max Style Turn Edge 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Allows you to 'Turn Edge' like you can do in 3DsMAX

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  • 2018

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Python script for Maya like the Turn Edge option in 3DsMAX
Script by Preeth.P.G, Technical Artist
Created on: 24.02.2010
Updated for Maya 2018 by Julien Heijmans


Lets you modify how polygons are subdivided into triangles by clicking diagonals.
When you activate Turn Edge Mode, the diagonals become visible as dashed lines in wireframe and edged-faces views.
In Turn Edge mode, click a diagonal to change its position.
To exit Turn mode, click on the Exit Mode button

Each diagonal has only two available positions at any given time,
so clicking a diagonal twice in succession simply returns it to its original position.
But changing the position of a nearby diagonal can make a different alternate position available to a diagonal.

How to Install:
This is a Python script. So load the script in the Python panel of the script editor and execute it.

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