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EasyTalk 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

animation tool directed to speech

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  • 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:05/24/2008
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//easyTalk v1.0
//Written by Kim Goossens 18 May 2008.
//This script allows you to create facial animation based on characterSet-channel-presets. You are not limited to blendshapes
//characterSet poses for each letter are written to a scriptNode.
//Drag the script into your shelf directory
//1) Make sure you character has a characterSet or sub-characterSet for all the channels of your face controls.
//2) Make sure that all the channel values are set to their default position!!
//1)type the name of the characterSet you want to use in "create presets -> Select characterSet"
//2)Press OK. (A new scriptnode with the default data is created)
//Assign Visemes:
//1)after the initialisation has been done you can assign poses(visemes) to one or more letters
//(normal and Capital letters allowed)
//2)Create the pose you want to assign to a letter
//3)Type the letters you want the pose to be added to in "create presets -> Assign pose to letter(s)"
//4)press OK
//5)repeat this process untill you have assigned the poses you want.
//6)save the scene (the presets are now saved with the scene.
//Create Speech:
//1)Make sure the characterSet to be used is written in the "create presets -> Select characterSet"
//2)Select the word or sentence of your soundfile by setting your rangeslider so it just fits the range
//3)Type the sentence in the "speech -> type speech" ( the "_" sign is used for neutral pose)
//try to type phonetically to get the best results (example "_helowld_wad_a_guday_": Hello world what a good day)
//4)press OK
//5)Repeat this
//6)Shift keys in the dope sheet so the speech is correctly timed.

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