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Display Polygon Information 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

displays geometrical information about the selected mesh.

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  • 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

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Last Modified:08/25/2022
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Display Polygon Information
A tool that displays additional geometrical information above the selected mesh, such as specific positions of mesh components in world space and vertex indices for individual points or all mesh points.
**displays important geometrical information about any selected mesh that extends Maya's current display. Improves workflow precision and efficiency by informing users about the precise world space location of mesh components.
How to use it:
  1. Create a polygonal mesh in the Maya viewport.
  2. Select the created mesh
  3. Check one of the 10 optional checkboxes with the mesh currently selected.
  4. Geometrical information will be displayed on the current mesh above each component.
Important tool-tips:
  1. For the best outcome, select the mesh in object mode whenever marking a checkbox for all components of that type from the mesh. See Figure 1.1
  2. For individual component selection, select a single mesh component at a time and mark the checkbox. Make sure not to select the mesh in object mode during single component selection as this will cause unintended results. See Figure 1.2
  3. Whenever the mesh object is transformed in some way, press the Reload button to track the new positions of old mesh points. This will determine that old mesh points remain above the object mesh after each translation. See Figure 1.3
  4. If a higher precision is required, always ensure that the mesh is selected whenever dragging the precision slider. To see these changes, press the reload button after each drag call to apply precision changes.
  5. Renaming of the selected mesh only applies to selected mesh annotations. To rename the mesh object, a manual rename operation needs to be executed by the user themself. See Figure 1.4

Figure 1.1 Selecting the mesh in object mode.

Figure 1.2 Selecting individual mesh vertex.
 Figure 1.3 Reloading after mesh transform
Figure 1.4 Renaming a selected component on the mesh 
Loading the tool:
  • Extract the .zip file into a local hard disk or directory in your system.
  • If executed correctly, the extracted folder should contain 3 subfolders, images, src and Videos.
  • The main script contents will be found within the src subfolder.
  • Video tutorials on using the tool and its contents are located within the Videos subfolder
  • Any relating images to the tool is found in the images subfolder.
  • See Tutorial Videos for more information.
Tutorial videos:

Video 1.1 Loading the script into the Maya environment

Video 1.2 display information on the mesh (object mode)
Video 1.3 display information of single mesh component
Video 1.4 Changing floating point precision of mesh positions
Video 1.5 Using the renaming tool.
This tool is incompatible with NURBS and Curve type objects. Support for these objects
will be added in future releases.