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dbShakeLP: automates light passes, Maya --> Shake. 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

dbShakeLP: automates light passes, Maya --> Shake.

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Last Modified:11/29/2006
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Nov 28 2006:

   Now supports light sets, when this option is checked, any lights contained in a set  will be treated as a single light pass.

dbShakeLP.mel automates the rendering and compositing of light passes using Maya and Shake.
It is intended to facilitate interactive relighting of Maya Scenes. For maximum flexibility, render
images in 16 or 32 bit image formats. Works with Maya Software, Mental Ray, and Renderman for Maya.

The "Save Command" function appends the currently open scene with the commands necessary to create light passes and write a comp file. The scene must be written in ascii file format. dbShakeLP.mel must be in your scripts path. This is intended for use with handwritten render files which are not intended to go live.

The "Create Passes" function creates a new render layer for each light in each layer in the scene and turns off rendering of the source layer. It also adds attributes to each light layer indicating which layer it was created from.

The "Remove Passes" function deletes all light layers created by dbShakeLP, and resets their parent layers.

The "Create Comp" function creates a Shake Script based on the render layers in the scene. The Shake Script is organized as follows:
A base MultiLayer node consisting of each render layer in the scene.
MultiLayer nodes for each render layer, containing a layer for each visible light in that layer,
An AdjustHSV node and SFileIn node for each light.

Currently "Create Comp" accounts for Maya's render passes: beauty,color,diffuse,shadow & specular.
It also recognizes global illumination passes for Mental Ray. It does not currently recognize the existence
of passes or outputs created by Renderman For Maya.

This script is relatively untested, feedback is appreciated.


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