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Character Rig With Facials and Morphs 8.0.0 for 3dsmax

Facials and Morphs

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  • 8.x, 9.x


Last Modified:02/22/2007
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  • srobertson

    srobertson said almost 9 years ago:

    not textures (skin, clothes)?
  • gerald.arndt

    gerald.arndt said over 12 years ago:

    Had to move the morpher modifier below the skin so the heads didn't come off while animating but other than that, everyone seems to be impressed with the rig. I have had to email the link to many students and faculty alike.
  • war jen

    war jen said over 13 years ago:

    I can't seem to make a small o shape with the mouth, am I missing something?
  • 3DElizabeth

    3DElizabeth said over 14 years ago:

    Thank you for submitting this!
  • keto

    keto said over 16 years ago:

    Awsome rigg

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