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UV Map Now or UV Map Later
UV Map Now or UV Map Later
Deke Kincaid, added 2005-08-06 17:45:40 UTC 26,401 views  Rating:
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UV Map Now or UV Map Later

With a little tinkering and the right movie as input, you can make a displacement node perform UV mapping within Shake, putting an ordinary still image into motion. Instead of mapping an image onto an object, map absolute UV addresses.

By subtracting a reference pattern of untransformed UV addresses from a sequence of transformed addresses, you create an image of relative offsets, which is exactly what a Shake displacement node wants as input.

This means you can render an animation now, and decide later what image you wish to UV map onto that object.

In the displacement node, x = r * 2048, and y = g * 2048. All the images are 2048 pixels square.
By blurring the transformed UV's you can get some freaky warp effects.