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Photorealistic Fresh Red Green Apple 3D Model

Photorealistic 3D Model (low poly+displacement/normal) of a delicious fresh red green apple


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  • Cinema 4D (.c4d) - v16
  • OBJ (.obj)
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Textures (.tex, .jpg, .bmp, .etc)
  • OBJ (.obj)


Includes Normal MapYes
Detail Levelhigh
Avg. Textures Res.8k


Last Modified:12/14/2017
Total Size of Files: 235 MB

---------- General Info ----------

- On the fbx and obj file default materials with the right material names are already assigned to each object 
-->simply add the texture maps and the asset is ready 
- Everything has been modeled to real world scale (units are centimeters) 
- Everything is modeled using quads only (at least 98% quads) 
- If the model consists of multiple objects they are grouped in a way that makes sense, so model can be changed and customized easily 
- Textures are at least in 4k resolution and .png, .jpg, .tiff and exr format (depending on the texture map) 
(make sure glossiness and normal /height /displacement maps are recognized as linear from your renderer) 
- This asset has been tested so far in Corona for C4D and the C4D Standart Render Engine 
- Please be aware that studio setup, backgrounds, lights and cameras are not included

---------- What's included ----------

- Read me file with detailed information and tips to make setting up the materials even easier if you're using the fbx or obj 
- Texture maps in 8k Resolution: Diffuse, Roughness, Glossiness, Normal, Displacement 
- High poly model in fbx and obj format, the fbx including object hierarchy and both with properly named default materials assigned 
- C4D file with C4D materials ready to render

---------- Objects, Polycount & UVs ----------

- Object count 1 
- Polycount 6'819 
- Vertex count 6'819 
- All Objects are UV unwrapped (no overlapping UVs)

---------- Included texture maps ----------

- Diffuse 
- Glossiness 
- Roughness 
- Normal 
- Displacement

My goal is to always reach a high quality standard, so if you feel like 
there is room for improvement, I'd be happy about your feedback.

If you encounter any problems using this asset or setting up the materials, please feel free to contact me. I'd be glad to help you.

Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? please Contact Support to verify we can provide the format you need.