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How to build a beast horn using Maya and detail it in Zbrush
How to build a beast horn using Maya and detail it in Zbrush
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This Part 2Part 1 is Modeling the Horn in Maya

Open Zbrush and under tools - import, bring your OBJ file

Now you should see the horn in your tools as an icon. Pick and place it in the drawing canvas.

click for larger version

Now before you do anything else, immediately after you placed that OBJ in the canvas,
right click on it and choose edit. Other wise you will be "drawing" more horns.

For more accuracy, hold down the SHIFT button while placing the object on the canvas, so it will rotate on a 90 degree angle.

Now for some housecleaning. I placed my tools and transform menus on the left side of my canvas by clicking on the small circle on the top left of the pull down menu.

Under tools - Geometry, hit divide 5 times

Every time you divide, the poly count will quadruple. In order to see your poly count, move the curser over the OBJ thumbnail in the tool palette.

click for larger version

Now for some sculpting.

First we are going to target the areas that we would like to sculpt. To do so, we are going to mask some areas of the object. You can do this by holding the CTRL button while painting.
You can adjust the brush size by right clicking on the canvas, and it will show you the options for the brush. You can also get the brush options from the top menu.

After a couple of strokes, you should get something like this.
Note: holding the CTRL key while painting will mask; while holding CTRL & ALT will unmask

Then under tools - deformation
Choose inflation and make it 100.

Now we have the base shape.

click for larger version

Unmask all, and let's get to the fun stuff: "SCULPTING!"

Hold the shift button while you brush on the horn. This will SMOOTH it out for you. Again, adjust the brush size and intensity to your liking, until you get something similar to this.

Use the brush for painting over the horn. To add more deformation to it, experiment with the Zadd, Zsubb, Move, and Smooth brushes
Mine looked something like this.