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Maya Audio Animation Tool Beta 1.1.1 for Maya (maya plugin)

Audio Eq Driven Animation Tool

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  • 2015

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Last Modified:11/03/2015
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audio animation, maya

Maya Audio Animation Tool BETA 1.1 by Harry He @ MDS, 31 Aug 2015 

This is a FreeWare under GNUV3

This Allowes you to use audio eq frequency bands to drive any attributes in maya.

Warning, This is a 64bit plugin, 32bit is not supported atm. I don't have 32bit maya to compile 32bit plugin. This Plugin is Compiled with Visual stuidio 2015 C++ for Maya 2015x64, under windows 10 pro 64bit, any other version is untested, and may have unpredictable result.
Basically, you select a track, then create an audioNode of your choice of band number. make what ever scene in Maya you like, select stuff you want to connect (in the order you want), and hit calculate, then select what bands you want to connect to, and select what attributes you want. then hit connect. If you have only one band selected, it will connect to all selected objects and selected attributes, if you have multi band selected, it will try an one on one match to your objects. If you don't choose band, it will treat as all bands are selected. Attributes are also multi selection. Once connected, you can use the button "select and edit audioNode" to change the behaviour of the spectrum, all the settings are keyable. Once you happy. You go edit -> key -> bake simulation before you render . Then you can close the tool, and do texture, and other stuff. You can also use the tool to control texture and lighting as well. If you wish to duplicate connected objects, use duplicate special. Music MTV should now be easy to make. Again it is just a tool. What to make is artist creativity.
In theory, Any sound in nature already have the information of a possible simulation. For example, if you have a track of water sound, use it to feed my eqNurbs node, then feed it to some curves and loft them, this should produce some water waves.

Credit to Foliativ for his orginal C++ source code for maya 2009

Credit to for their Fast Fourier Transform library. 

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