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The Andy Rig 1.4.6 for Maya

Generic/Customizable Character Made For Students

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x


Last Modified:08/27/2009
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Issues FInding Textures

Submitted by: Amanda03 Amanda03
When I open the Andy rig it is all blick except for the eyes. For some reason Maya is unable to find the texture assiciated with this rig even though I kept all of the files together when opening this file. Can someone please help me get Maya to recognize where the texture files are?

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  • mrlang4558

    mrlang4558 said almost 12 years ago:

    Check out this forum thread- It deals with Andy and few weird bugs associated with it. I found the solution to the same problem there: From the original poster: 'I found the problem! took me longer than it should have perhaps but I am new to maya. So if anyone cares to know I got the textures loaded by going to WINDOW->RENDERING EDITORS->HYPERSHADE CLICK ON THE TEXTURES TAB AND CLICK ON ONE OF THE ANDYRIG TEXTURES ...THEN PULL IT UP IN THE ATTRIBUTE EDITOR AND GO TO FILE ATTRIBUTES CLICK ON THE FOLDER AND FIND THE FILE. WHEN I DID THIS IT WORKED AND IT SEEMED TO LOAD ALL ASSOCIATE FILES TO! You should of course have Hardware Textures turned on as well.'
  • pchan0368

    pchan0368 said almost 11 years ago:

    I had the same problem. I was pulling my hair until I figured it out. It was such a newbie move...Did you make your scene file into a project file? If you did, then copy and paste the textures in the sourceimages folder from the original downloaded zip folder into the current project folder you are working on. put those images into the folder labeled "sourceimages". the textures should automatically load onto Andy. Hope that works for you.

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